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For interviews, company information, product demonstrations, and other press-related inquiries, please use the following contact information to reach us.

(928) 328-8448

11274 S Fortuna Rd
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Yuma, AZ 85367

Company Details

Some details about Watervize. Be sure to also view the About Us page

Company Mission

Watervize empowers small and medium sized agricultural water providers and their water users with truly useful tools.

Company Background

Watervize was founded in Yuma, Arizona in 2018 by Jack Linke, with the goal of providing enterprise-level seftware tools to small and medium-size irrigation districts who otherwise would not have access to powerful district and water management software.

Our Managing Director

Jack Linke started Watervize in 2018 while still on active duty as a military warrant officer and project officer. He was able to bring his leadership and project management experience into the development and daily operation of Watervize.

With over 22 years of software programming experience, he has worked in a number of programming languages includine PERL, PHP, Javascript, C, Pascal, and Python. Jack also has experience with database management, internet technologies, DevOps, and other technological interests, putting Watervize’s development on solid footing.

Jack currently lives in Stafford, Virginia, serving his nation in the national capitol region while also providing direction and leadership in the development of watervize.

Jack can be reached via email at


We help irrigation districts meet these challenges by making enterprise-quality software tools available to anyone in irrigation.
– Jack Linke, Managing Director Watervize

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News and Announcements

Recent articles and press about Watervize

Irrigation Leader Magazine interview with Watervize Managing Director

Interview with Jack Linke, Managing Director of Watervize in the June 2020 edition of Irrigation Leader Magazine.

Irrigation Leader Magazine Interview

Irrigation Leader Magazine Interview

KAWC Radio

Victor Calderón of KAWC Radio in Yuma, AZ included a photo of our exhibitor booth at the 2018 Colorado River Water Users Association conference in a slideshow about water issues in the southwest.


Organizations we work with or contribute toward

Organization Memberships

  • Watervize has been a member of the Colorado River Water Users Association (CRWUA) since 2019, and has participated in the CRWUA conference for the past two years. CRWUA is a non-profit, non-partisan organization providing a forum for exchanging ideas and perspectives on Colorado River use and management.
  • Watervize is an institutional member of the United States Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (USCID), which aims to foster sustainable, socially acceptable and environmentally responsible irrigation, drainage and flood control systems and practices for providing food, clothing and shelter.

Donations and Contributions

Watervize contributes to the following organizations and applications either monetarily, through software code commits, or by other means.

  • QGIS – The primary open source Geographic Information System (GIS) alternative to ArcGIS.
  • Arizona AgEd/FFA – Watervize contributes annually by donating iconic FFA blue jackets to deserving FFA members.
  • Django Software Foundation – Watervize runs on Django, a powerful, security-focused web platform.


Media Assets

Photos, video, brochures, and other media


Here are our official company logos. Click each to view full-sized image files suitable for print.


Watervize Horizontal Logo

Watervize Vertical Logo (transparent background)

Watervize Vertical Logo (white background)

Application Screenshots

Recent Watervize application screenshots. Click for real-size image files.


Order Management showing irrigation water orders listed by canal or canal section.

One of the many charts and reports in Watervize showing peak water usage by canal each day over a month-long period.

Calendar view showing filterable display of all water orders within the district each month. Configurable colors denote order status.

GIS and Flow Network tools within Watervize make it easy to visualize the district structure, daily flows, and other information.

We work with Irrigation Districts to configure Watervize to meet their business rules and standard operating procedures.

Water orders can be placed by district personnel, or by the water user. Irrigation gates are prefiltered for the water user, simplifying their data entry.

All water orders within the district can be listed, filtered, and exported.


In this video, Jared Hall, District Manager for North Gila Valley Irrigation and Drainage District, discusses operations within his district, including a mention of the automation tools in Watervize.

About Watervize

Watervize is a Web App software service from Omen Apps for improving Irrigation District operations management and online customer interaction.


Please use the form provided, or reach out to us at 928-328-8448.

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Irrigation District Management Software & Customer Information Portal

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